2021 Policy Priorities and Legislative Action

COVID-19 Relief for Providers

• Secure $88M Appropriation Authority for DES to use CARES Act funding • HB2406, Udall

• Secure $254M Appropriation Authority for DES to use Consolidated Appropriations Act funding

State Investment in High Quality Preschool

• Preschool Development Grant Replacement Funding

• HB2015, Sierra

• Arizona Department of Education Budget Request to reinstate the Early Childhood Block Grant

Raise Reimbursement Rates

• Tiered Reimbursement

• HB2416, Pawlick $13M for Infants/Toddlers and DCS

• Overall Rate Increase

• HB2571, Powers-Hannley $13M for Overall Rate Increase

Expand Access to Child Care Assistance

• Removing the 20 Hour Work Requirement

• HB2016, Udall

Improve Quality in Early Childhood Programs

• Expand Mental Health Consultation

• HB2155, Espinoza

• Open the Quality First Waitlist

• HB2278, Lieberman

Expand Access to Health Care

• AHCCCS Coverage of Oral Health Care for Pregnant Women

• HB2102, Jermaine

• HB2275, Butler

• HB2291, Osborn

• AHCCCS Coverage of Postpartum Care

• HB2101, Jermaine

• Maternal Mental Health Study Committee

• SB1011, Mesnard

Support Families

• Appropriation for Healthy Families

• HB2574, Powers-Hannley